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Meet Alex McGregor

I have had the pleasure of knowing this fellow for a long time and have watched him grow into an outstanding young man.


In 2003 he arrived at gold brick on the shadow of his grandfather.  Since then he has become a permanent fixture filling in where ever needed is always on hand for the CAF day.


After that first year at GB, he started to arrive with his grandfather to all of the CAF events. 

  • He has moved hay bales at Silver Skate Festival,

  • been the official shuttle driver at the golf tournament,(got to drive the golf cart around the course.

  • helped hand out hot wings at Wing Ding and

  • was our official representative at the KDays parade

along with a host of other duties. 

And when called on he was always ready to take on a new persona in the “billy ability” role


He just turned 18 last month and I understand he is off on a new adventure in the north, to earn some money to go on to a post secondary education in the arts.


Bob, congratulations on the superb training and mentorship


Alex, I am very pleased to present you with the 2008

Gerry Hermen Volunteer of the Year Award

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