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We are not currently accepting applications for group projects

Past projects include;


Bikes for Tykes

     Bikes provide a fun, independent mode of transportation that help to build self-esteem and give a sense of freedom. The Bikes for Tykes program was introduced to provide funding for the adaptation of a bicycle for individual needs of a child with a disability.  We have partnered with the You Can Ride 2 providing funding to help establish a number of assorted specialized bikes for loan to children with disabilities. 

Camping Under the Stars

     The Camping Under the Star was awarded to assist not for profit recreational facilities and organizations providing recreational opportunities to children with disabilities in Northern Alberta.

Good for the Senses - Sensory Room Program

     The Sensory Room Program offered a one- time only grant to an organization or group in northern Alberta installing a multi-sensory environment created for children with disabilities. Sensory rooms are specially designed rooms that provide a relaxing environment for persons with a variety of special needs.  They provide a blend of sights, sounds, textures aromas within an environment that is filled with a variety of images, colors, easy to use devices, buttons, switches, and easy to grasp objects with different textures.

Ipads for Inspiration

     The iPads for Inspiration Program (as a celebration of our 70th anniversary)  awarded grants of $150,000 to groups and organizations in northern Alberta that provide services to children with disabilities. Funds were used to establish a resource library of iPads for children with disabilities.

Keyboards for Kids

     The Keyboards for Kids program was introduced to provide funding for a portable, battery-powered, word-processing keyboard (AlphaSmarts Neos) for children with disabilities.

Lone Star Program

     The Lone Star Program offered grants to assist organizations in Northern Alberta that provide therapeutic riding

New Leash on Life

     A New Leash on Life program awarded funding to an accredited organization to raise and train an assistance dog for people with disabilities who reside in northern Alberta. 

Sledges in School

Swing on a Star - Accessible Playspace Swing Grant  / Accessible play spaces

     The Accessible Playspace Swing provided a grant to groups, schools and organizations in northern Alberta that were constructing a new playground with an accessible swing or adding and accessible swing to an existing playspace.

Wheels on the Bus - Accessible Vehicle(s)

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