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In 1947, the Associated Canadian Travellers (Edmonton) Club founded the Northern Alberta Crippled Children's Fund (NACCF) as a way to give back to the communities they worked in.The object was to raise money from special events and disperse it in the community to offset medical and surgical expenses that were not adequately provided in rural Alberta. Special events like Search for Talent and Telerama provided funds to the NACCF to assist in these goals.

Originally, the majority of requests were for specialized footwear such as leg braces to help deal with the effects of Polio. Since that time we have grown to become the last resource for many of the 235,000 Albertans who have some type of disability and who may not meet the funding criteria set by other agencies.

Over the past 70 years we have been very active in northern Alberta by assisting hundreds of people and providing over 10 million dollars in equipment and support for people and families who have experienced, first hand, the difficulties faced by a person with a disability.

In 1997 the Northern Alberta Crippled Children's Fund adopted a new name, the Children's Ability Fund. Our goal was to reflect a more positive image and focus on a person's abilities rather than a disability. Our name has changed but our vision remains the same "to enhance the independence of children with disabilities".

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