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#inspiredbyCAF Contest Winner

Dear Friends at Children’s Ability Fund,


It was a wonderful surprise when I learned that my entry was chosen to win an iPad in your recent on-line contest celebrating 70 years of supporting children with disabilities in Northern Alberta.  I chose to tell you about my grandson who I believe is growing up to be a kind and compassionate individual but I certainly enjoyed reading the other entries that were available to read on-line.  It made me feel hopeful and dare I say ‘inspired’ for the future in our community.


It is quite apparent that electronics are part of our everyday life and are here to stay.  Being the recipient of this great iPad is a great inspiration for this grandmother to become more comfortable in our high-tech environment!


Thank you again to the Children’s Ability Fund.  Wishing you continued success in your next 70 years!


Darlene M

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