Thank You...

We really appreciate the kindness you have shown to me and my son. He loves his new adaptive stroller! He has had many seizures while we were out and I needed to care for him in the stroller with rescue meds. (My nurse also really appreciates it!) Thank you so much.              

- Keyaan's Mom

"Thank you so much for the generous gift(bursary) of $2000. It’s helped me immensely (it payed for almost all of my first term tuition!) and I am incredibly grateful. My program is amazing, it’s everything I’d hoped it would be and more. I’ve already learned so much, and my future at this school is looking bright. Thank you again for this gift!"

Edie's Mom is so happy with Edie's new stroller... "Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you just dosen't seem like enough". Mom says through her tears. "You have made such a difference in our lives. We use the stroller to go outside for walks and to go tp the market for groceries. It even has built in tie downs so we can just strap her new stoller down safely in a vehicle so we can do our errands, go to appointments at the Doctors and visit family and friends"

"We are so happy you were able to help make this happen ( a new accessible family van).  Isabelle can get around so much easier now.  We are actually going to the mountains for our first trip!  Life has just gotten so much easier because of you.  Merry Christmas to you and everyone else who made this happen! "  Love from Laura and Isabelle

"The Children's Ability Fund has been an exceptional resource for me and my family.  WIthout their support we would have struggled with the regular daily activities that most families take for granted." - Carter's family

The stroller doesn’t just enrich Noel’s life but the whole families. Since we picked it up our life has been brighter. Thank-you to The Children’s Ability Fund for making this dream come true! - Noel's Mom

We are able to travel more places because the transfer in and out of the vehicle is now painless and much easier than having to use physical strength. Thank you very, very much! We are very, very happy! - Jessie’s Mom

Thank you ever so much for funds that you provided for the tilt on my wheel chair. It has helped me in so many ways - now I am able to get outside with my family and to be with the animals and go around the yard. Before I had the tilt I was only able to be outside for half an hour and then I was tired. Now with the tilt it's mostly all day and I am also able to travel for a longer periods of time in the van. It has helped me and so many ways. May God bless you for all that you do. Keep up the good work.  - David

Thank you for helping me obtain the Roger Pen (assistive hearing device) in time for the school year. My biggest challenges are understanding my professors.  Rather than listening hard and trying to figure out and remember what the Professor is saying, the Roger Pen helps me to quickly hear and understand what they are saying.I am so grateful for all you have done so graciously in helping me to be successful in college.  So far my marks at better than they were in high school.  I feel successful, capable and good about myself.  Thank you most sincerely. - Nikki

Our family would like to express our deepest thanks to the Children's Ability Fund for your assistance to Nikki by providing her with the Roger Pen (hearing assistive device). It will be wonderful for her to start her first year of studies on a solid footing.  


Nikki is a girl who has been through many challenges. As a newborn Nikki spent three weeks in the neonatal critical care unit as a result of a very difficult birth. … Nikki spent three years attending language and hearing support classes at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Centre in Edmonton. Her hearing aids were fitted at age two and a half (surgery for her cochlear implant was completed later at age eleven).


In spite of all the challenges, Nikki has always moved forward with courage and direction. Her life challenges have made her who she is. We believe she deserves the very best.

It is therefore with deepest appreciation that we say thank you for helping Nikki to get timely assistance with her start at college. We know that she will work hard and will give it her very best. - Nikki’s Grandmother

There are so many details of how this van has changed our lives... what I can tell you is you've given a little disabled girl a huge amount of freedom, contentment and safety, and her Mother great relief from physical pain and more importantly the relief of knowing that I am transporting her safely and comfortable.  We will be forever grateful for your generous donation towards our van.  I deeply appreciate all your hard work in raising funds to help families with special needs children.  We do carry a heavy load sometimes but our load is lightened hugely knowing we are cared about and supported in things we cannot accomplish on our own. - Sincerely, Sheila

There are not enough thank-you's to express what a difference you have made helped make in our families life.  From the borttom of our hearts "thank-you" -   Jacey's Mom