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Meet Angelica

Meet Angelica, a sociable little girl who loves interaction with people. She lives in Edmonton with her Mom  (Esmeralda), her Dad (Joel) and her older siblings: sisters (Marjorie & Michelle) and brother (Michael). Angelica attends kindergarten at St. Angela Elementary School.


Angelica spent the first year and a half of her life in hospital with multiple surgeries. She has a complex medical history with some of her diagnoses being global delay, tethered spinal cord, vision impairment and severe hearing loss. Angelica can roll, scoot about on her back and sit independently for short periods. She uses a walker to explore her home environment and at school she uses a manual wheelchair.


Angelica’s favorite pastime is to be with her family and friends. As many little girls do, she loves her teddy bear and will often be heard giggling in her bed as she shares secrets with her special buddy.


As Angelica is growing and it was becoming more difficult for her parents to carry her up and down the stairs, a stair lift was installed so that she could be taken upstairs to her bedroom and family room without the fear of injury.


Cost of this unit is close to $4000 – a small price to pay to ensure Angelica is able to stay in her home with her verysupportive family.


Cost $ 3995

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