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Meet Benjamin

Benjamin has a rare and severe syndrome that is most commonly known as SMS (Smith Magenis Syndrome). He has difficulties breathing when laying flat. Propping his back and legs with pillows had been unsuccessful as the pillows would shift during his sleep causing discomfort. Because of his breathing difficulties and discomfort, he frequently awakened during the night. Sleep is essential for a per...son's health and well being so the Children’s Ability Fund is pleased to have provided the funding of $1990 to purchase a special bed for Ben.

The day after the bed was delivered we received a note from his mom saying “My son is so happy he has hardly gotten out if it since we assembled it.” And a current update “He sleeps a lot better since he got his hospital bed…and so do we…usually to bed by 9 pm and does not wake up till 6 or 7 am….he used to wake between 3 & 5 daily. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.”

Sweet dreams, Benjamin!

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