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Meet Bob McGregor

Bob’s philosophy on volunteerism is …“you get out of life what you put into it”.  The sense of accomplishment is his personal reward for the time, energy and commitment he has shown to a number of organizations including the Children’s Ability Fund, and to his community.


Bob has been very active as a volunteer for over 40 years.  He first joined the ACT (Edmonton) Club in 1969 and has been involved ever since in every aspect of the Club – from the legendary Search for Talent, to the ACT Telerama and the ACT Gold Brick.  The NACCF (Northern Alberta Crippled Children’s Fund) was started as a means of distributing the proceeds from these ACT Projects and when the NACCF changed its name to the Children’s Ability Fund in 1999, Bob became one of the first Board Members and continued to sit on the Board for 5 terms.  Last year he was awarded the Gold Star Volunteer award for contributions of more than 100 volunteer hours. Bob is first in line to volunteer for the many special events held and is always available to help out at the office or lend his support in any way he can.

Bob is married to his lovely wife and volunteer partner Irene.  They have two grown sons and four grandchildren. Bob continues to encourage volunteerism - it is not uncommon for Bob to be seen with his grandson Alex in tow helping out at an event.


We are very proud and delighted to name Bob McGregor

our 2006 Gerry Herman Volunteer of the Year.

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