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Meet Daniel

When Daniel's mother, Kathleen, sent her son off to his second day of grade one she had no idea how quickly their lives were about to change. That night he was fighting for his life. Daniel was only 6 years old when he had both his arms and legs amputated


following a life threatening infection of meningococcemia. Doctors amputated Daniel’s legs above his hips and his arms just above the elbows in order to save his life.


That day changed Daniel’s life drastically. Although Daniel is able to stretch his body, bounce, pivot and roll on the floor to maneuver from place to place independently, he now relies on others to lift him up. Donations to the

Children’s Ability Fund helped to purchase an elevating power seating system for his wheelchair that enables him to raise his body up to 9 inches above his seated position. Not only does this increase his reach and his range of vision, it lets his mother, his friends, his teachers have a conversation with Daniel standing eye-to-eye.


Total cost ~$3600.


Daniel is a growing teenager and it was becoming increasingly difficult for Kathleen to  cope with lifting Daniel in their home. Recently, the Children’s Ability Fund assisted by purchasing tracking for an overhead lift system along with a custom made sling.

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