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Meet Dianna Williamson

“Children are special”  We (as adults) need to show youth that they are important and provide role models to help them make good decisions.


Diana lives this philosophy throughout her life giving back to the community in a number of different ways.


As a volunteer for the Children’s Ability Fund she can be seen at many of the special events and activities held to raise funds and raise awareness. You might find her dancing a jig, skating at the Silver Skate Festival, bowling with “billy’s stars”, or at Monday Morning Magic (Capital Ex) handing our hugs and high fives the children gathered around. You may not recognize her in her alter ego – our mascot “billy ability”.  Or she could be selling tickets at “gold brick”, hot dogs at the Father’s Day Fun event or 50/50 at the Oilers game, most often with her husband and partner Keven. .


Diane started volunteering at an early age, helping local seniors cleaning, gardening, doing errands or spending time at the local seniors drop-in center.   She credits her Dad for instilling in her the compassion to help others. Current volunteer activities include being a “big sister” and mentoring a grade 4 student at the local school.  “Everybody needs somebody to help them feel special”. Once a week I work with a student outside his/her classroom.  We may work on reading, an activity or an art project. This gives them some special attention outside a hectic and large classroom.


Among all of her volunteer activities Dianne finds time to drive a school bus, operate her own business, tend her horses and spend time with her new husband (and volunteer partner) Keven.


We feel very fortunate to have Diana as one of our “gems”. She is a treasure to the “Children’s Ability Fund and we are very proud to award her the Gerry Herman Volunteer of the Year for 2007”


Jewel, precious stone, rock

Nugget, pearl, prize, treasure

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