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Meet Edie

Edie WILL need a power wheelchair one day, in another 2 – 3 years, just not yet. You see Edie is only three and needs specialized seating that is not available in a regular stroller.   Now, thanks to the support of people like you she has a brand new stroller that she will be able to use for those interim years.  It has specialized seating and trunk support to ensure she has the stability she needs and even has her own tray so she can play and learn. That’s what makes this stroller so unique – it is perfect for Edie.  It also comes with a hefty price tag… just under $7,000.

Mom is so happy…. “thank-you, thank-you, thank-you just doesn’t seem like enough,” Mom says through the tears.  “You have made such a difference in our lives.  We use the stroller to go outside for walks and to go to the market for groceries.  It even has built in tie downs so we can just strap the stroller down safely in a vehicle so we can do our errands, go to appointments at the Doctors and visit family and friends.”

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