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Meet Guienevere

We often take the ability to move about in our community for granted, but for some families it can be a near impossible feat without financial help. Read what one mother had to say after receiving a grant from the Children's Ability Fund of $10,000 towards the cost of an accessible vehicle.

Dear Children’s Ability Fund,

It has taken us a good long time to send you a letter of thanks for your help in funding our family for a wheelchair accessible van. The difference it has made to our lives is huge, and even though we were desperate when I applied I had no idea the van would make this much difference in our lives.

We have had the van for about 3 months now and have been busy going to social and community events, swimming and just jumping in the van to go get groceries or shopping. For Guinevere any outing is stimulating when she is feeling well. The difference in her comfort when travelling has gone from whining most of the trip to contentment and watching the world go by.

The level of stress both physical and mental in my life has gone down tremendously. Of course I no longer lift her up into the van then over into the car seat and then push the wheelchair up a steep ramp into the van. I no longer clench my teeth with stress and worry while driving listening to Guinevere whine knowing she’s uncomfortable, hurting and not very safe. School was always an issue, trying to decide if the weather was bad enough to warrant the horrible load and unload or just walk and wrap her up well. We did not have a social life or do any activities out of home.

Today our lives are so much different. There is a real sense of freedom associated with the van. The first few times Guinevere rode in the van she was very quiet and had big round eyes, it truly was a different sensation for her and she was able to see out the window.  Now she watches what’s going on around her and makes her little talking noises. For myself I’m not clenched trying to hurry to our destination to get her unloaded, and the relief of knowing she is safely being transported changes everything for me. We are no longer confined to our home, we can load up and go to the park or swimming or whatever! Going to school is as simple as ‘the weather’s not great today, we’ll just take the van.’

There are so many details of how this van has changed our lives that I cannot express them in a letter. What I can tell you is you’ve given a little disabled girl a huge amount of freedom, contentment and safety, and her mother great relief from physical pain and more importantly the relief of knowing I am transporting her safely and comfortably. We will be forever grateful for your generous donation towards our van. I deeply appreciate all your hard work in raising funds to help families with special needs children. We do carry a heavy load sometimes but our load is lightened hugely knowing we are cared about and supported in things we cannot accomplish on our own.


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