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Meet Keyaan

Keyaan is a 5 year old boy who has a diagnosis of Dravel syndrome. He is a bright and happy boy who lives with his mother but experiences multiple seizures as part of this syndrome.

His new stroller relieves some of the daily challenges around mobility experiences by Keyaan and his mother. It will be used extensively to go on community outings and on a daily basis to take him back and forth to school....allowing Keyaan to conserve his energy for learning in the classroom and playing at recess with his peers.

The stroller is light weight and folds easily making it easy for mom to handle. It also provides a safe place to administer post seizure care if needed. When Keyaan experiences seizures that render him unconscious, the stroller also provides safe transportation home in this unconscious state.

"We really appreciate the kindness you have shown to me and my son. He loves his new adaptive stroller! He has had many seizures while we were out and I needed to care for him in the stroller with rescue meds. (My nurse also really appreciates it!) Thank you so much."

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