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Meet Leanne

We are writing today to say THANK YOU!!!!!!!! We have received our new van for Leanne and we are loving it! We have gone to so many places that we have been avoiding because we could not get her chair there. now we don't have to :)  We are able to load up in less the 5 min and know that all of our children are safe, secure and comfortable in our travels. Its like 1000 pounds have been lifted from ...our shoulders. Leanne will no longer be left behind on school field trips cause they can't get a bus or the taxi doesn't show they can now call me and I can happily drive her to and from.

Leanne tells everyone about her new van and she asks to go somewhere all the time now, to us its like she's discovering the world on her own for the first time! We hope you can know how much you have helped to change our lives for the better!  We are so grateful and thankful for all the help we received...

Once again Thank you!

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