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Meet Liam

Liam is a young man who has a diagnosis of spastic quadriparetic cerebral palsy.  Liams's laughter is infectious and he goes on each and every family holiday. He and his mother needed an accessible vehicle so that he could enter and exit the vehicle using a ramp and be transported safely in his manual wheelchair.  

Thank you so much for your generous donation of $5,000 which was used towards the necessary modifications required to make Liam's new van wheelchair accessible. Immediately after the day the van was brought home, Liam and I were able to attend a community event hosted by the church I serve. It was wonderful to be able to take him on this adventure. We both enjoyed the outing very much and Liam appeared to be quite comfortable remaining in his wheelchair for the ride.

In the last few weeks we have made regular trips to the library, attended his grandfather's 90th birthday celebrations, and attended church for worship services on Sunday and other church functions. Even a trip to the Emergency Room at the Stollery was made less stressful because getting Liam there and back was faster.

With gratitude for your kindness,
Deborah (Liam's mom)

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