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Meet Louis

Louis has Osteogeneis Imperfecta Type 3 (brittle bone disease). He is not able to bear weight on his knees or feet due to the fragile nature of his bones.


Thanks to our donors the Children’s Ability Fund was able to provide funding for a tilt system for his new power wheelchair. This power tilt gives Louis the ability to take responsibility for managing his symptoms, being self-reliant in meeting his needs at home and building his independence as he moves through his school years.


It really does take a community to raise a child.....often families cannot afford the extra costs affiliated with having a child with disabilities. The cost of the tilt was $5,250!  Strong communities are built through the compassion we extend to others. Both to those we know - and to those we don’t know - Thank you - to everyone of you who are helping to make a difference in the lives of children like Louis!

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