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Meet Matthew

We are writing this on behalf of Matthew, our son, who is severely developmentally challenged with cerebral palsy. As he gets older and grows, it will become increasingly difficult to move and
transport him around. We are seeking funding from your charity so we may better equip our van which we recently purchased to aid in transporting him and his wheelchair. We hope you will consider our request and help us out.


James & Shauna


Funding of just over $10,000 was approved to purchase a wheelchair lifter and a power seat that descends to ground level. “Every time we get his coat he knows he is going in the van and he gets excited”, James said.
Although Matthew cannot speak, his parents say they know is very happy with the adaptations. “Now we can take him everywhere we go, without a second thought and having to wonder how difficult it will be. We won’t have to worry about putting the strain on ourselves at all.”

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