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Meet Nicholas

Nicholas is an ordinary teenage boy who likes to play games on his computer, chat with friends and take the bus to the mall to hang out. He is very independent for a young man with spinal muscular atrophy.


Spinal Muscular atrophy is a progressive condition that results in loss of muscle strength and independence. Since Nicholas is not able to stand or walk, he uses a power wheelchair and is dependent on his mom and dad for all lifts and transfers.


For the past 12 years his mother has carried her son up and down stairs of their two story town house and lifted him in and out of his wheelchair for bath time or bedtime. The family has since moved into a more accessible  house but the cost to make their home barrier free is enormous.


“Everything we need to give Nicholas the basic quality of life costs a lot of money, especially now that Nicholas is older and bigger. A lift system in his bedroom and bathroom is a necessity. It's not that we want this equipment -   our family needs this equipment.” says Mom.


The Children's Ability Fund wants to ensure that Nicholas and others with disabilities have the same opportunities to move, work and play. With specialized equipment, people with disabilities and their families will experience more mobility and independence in their day to day activities.


But we need your support. Our organization relies 100% on your contributions. In our effort to continue to purchase the much needed equipment, we are asking YOU to make your donation NOW.

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