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Meet Noel

In the past 2 years Noel has sadly slowly out grown our old stroller that we invested in once we knew Noel had long-term mobility issues. This was our go to equipment for long outings like shopping, going to the Zoo and Emergency room visits.

After a lot of debate, we decided on a new model and we were blessed when The Children’s Ability Fund and The Cerebral Palsy Association of Alberta funded the stroller.The stroller wasn’t even an hour old before I put it to the test.  The best thing is Noel didn’t want to get out of it when it was time to leave!  That same night we got to do something as a family that we avoid doing…Going for a family walk. Her wheelchair is great but has issues with things like curbs and her other equipment she has out grown so much that it’s dangerous trying to go over a curb.

Noel loved the stroller so much that she spent a good portion of Saturday sitting in it and watching cartoons. The only thing that got her out of it was when her respite worker came to play! The stroller doesn’t just enrich Noel’s life but the whole families. Since we picked it up our life has been brighter. Thank-you to The Children’s Ability Fund for making this dream come true!

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