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Meet Portia

ortia has a diagnosis of spastic diplegic cerebral palsy. She has spasticity in her arms and legs, and is currently unable to maintain sitting independently because of decreased muscle tone in her trunk. Portia is only able to stand with support provided at her trunk, either from a caregiver or from a walker.


Portia required adequate supports at her head and trunk in order to maintain her postural alignment and skin  health. Her previous stroller was a safety risk because she would slide out of the seat. The Otto Bock Kimba Spring Tilt in Space Stroller had been successfully trialed and proven to provide the necessary support to keep  Portia in an upright, comfortable and safe position


The portability of this stroller has facilitated Portia’s participation in family outings and school programming. Portia is a very happy little girl who loves to be outside and to take part in various activities from crafts to making cookies. This stroller has allowed Portia to interact with her environment and be more 

mobile indoors and out. This piece of equipment also has good growth potential and weight capacity of 110 lbs meaning that Portia can use this piece of equipment for years to come. 


This family applied to us because they recently experienced changes in their financial position. In November, they discovered that Portia was presenting Status Eplilepticus. Because of this condition, Isabel, Portia’s mom had to leave permanent employment for a casual position.This stroller cost almost $6,000 and was an expense that  Portia’s family simply could not afford.


To our Friends at the Children’s Ability Fund


Thank you very much for the funding needed for Portia’s Otto Bock Stroller. Since Portia has received her stroller she has been quite happy. She is now able to have dinner a the table with the rest of the gamily instead of being in a high chair. In her art class she can interact with her Mother during projects instead of Mom strictly supporting her. As she strolls around the mall she makes happy screams as she can now see around her and reaches around for everything. This is all possible thanks to the generosity and support of the Children’s Ability Fund.


Forever Thanks
Portia, Isabel & Micheal

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