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Meet Richard Oshvalda

What goes around, comes around… Paying it forward.


We first met Richard as a young lad in the early 90’s. Over the years we have been delighted to provide a communication device that Richard used in high school, as well as an overhead lift that was essential for him to have at home for his Mom and caregivers to assist with his lifts and transfers.


Richard knows full-well the benefits of being on the receiving end and realizes how much this support has enhanced his life.


Nowadays he enjoys the benefits of being able to help others!


Since 2003, Richard has been actively fundraising for the Children’s Ability Fund by participating in our Bowl for Children event.  He is always among the top three pledge raisers and has raised several thousand dollars to help purchase equipment for others in need!


Richard is also our official ‘Ambassador’ in the Parkland region and is a terrific volunteer.  He donates his time to represent the Children’s Ability Fund at several events each year.  He has been a participant at Pandamonium - a fundraising event hosted by the Silent River Kung Fu Studio, he attended the Chinese New Year’s Celebration, he was a course marshal at the GWN triathlon and was the star on the Children’s Ability Fund float in the Stony Plain Parade.


We are fortunate to have made a life-long friend in Richard and very proud to honor him with the 2015 Gerry Herman Volunteer of the Year Award.

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