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Meet Sean

Wheelchair lift provides freedom for movement


Sean was born with cerebral palsy which leaves him fully dependant on caregivers to meet his daily needs. He cannot sit unsupported, stand-alone, work, dress, feed or take care of any of his hygiene needs. “He truly enjoys the benefits of interacting with friends, family and socializing in his own way with others and is so happy when he gets to go out,” says his mother, Elfreda.


Because Sean’s wheelchair is oversized and takes up two spots on the DATS bus, using public transportation is difficult and sometimes impossible.  “As a single parent, my financial situation has limited the ability to finance this kind of expense and purchase a lift without the generosity of others,” says Elfreda, Sean’s primary caregiver.


In 1994, Elfreda received funding from the Children’s Ability Fund to buy a wheelchair lift. But because she purchased a new van, replacing her well-worn 1984 Ford van, the old lift didn’t work. Now the Children’s Ability Fund has come through again for her. Elfreda received $5,000 toward the purchase of  a new lift.


“Until monies were obtained and the lift was purchased and installed, I was unable to transport my severely physically challenged son safely and often times at all, in my old, exhausted van, which was equipped with a now outdated lift,” says Elfreda. “Sean is prone to numerous medical illnesses and I need reliable transportation to take him to the emergency hospital department and to scheduled and unscheduled doctor appointments,” she says.


This new lift provides Elfreda with peace of mind to be able to care of her son. With the new lift they are now able to attend church, go to the mall, theatre or park and other recreational places.

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