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Meet Teagan

For Teagan, getting wheels has meant freedom. “Not only does it aid in her physiotherapy, it enables her to  move around outdoors and participate in the fun with her sisters,” says Mom Barb. Last October, Teagan, 6, was the recipient of a modified trike, valued at $1,600. The Rifton Adaptive Tricycle came courtesy of the Children’s Ability Fund – Bikes for Tykes program.


“I was very impressed with the compassion our family received,” says Barb, who can’t say enough about how smoothly the entire process went. Barb applied for funding for the trike in September and a month later Teagan was getting around on her new wheels!


Teagan was introduced to the adapted trike as part of her therapy while she spent time in the Glenrose  Rehabilitation Hospital.


In March 2011, Teagan, a vibrant, energetic four-year-old, suffered an epileptic seizure which resulted in  developmental regression in her skills. She was left blind, unable to speak, and unable to move her body. While at the Glenrose, she demonstrated good success with the trike, which aided her in building her strength,  endurance and body awareness.


“Teagan has been working very hard at regaining and relearning to sit, walk, talk and eat all over again,” says Barb.


“She has made some wonderful improvements but still has a very long way to go.” “I am hoping for a full  recovery, but I’ll be happy with any progress she makes,” says Barb.  


“It gives her a sense of inclusion when her sisters are riding their bikes around,” says Barb. With her new  tricycle Teagan no longer has to sit in her wheelchair and watch the world go on around her. She can actively participate and have fun.

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