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Meet Teagan

I would like to say a Huge Thank You to the Children’s Ability Fund for helping to fund a portion of the Wheelchair Van for my daughter. Teagan’s van arrived on Dec 4th and it is perfect! We love it! That very day Teagan had a doctor’s appointment and on Saturday she was able to attend church and visit her Nana all on the same day. Teagan will now be able to get out and participate in allot more activities now! Teagan sits behind Mom in the second row of the van and can see right out the front windshield which she has never been able to do. She also loves the ride up the ramp.

Transporting Teagan is much safer now and this help ease tensions. Prior to getting this van I was transporting Teagan in my SUV. I would have to carry her out to the vehicle and then lift the wheelchair into the back hatch of the SUV. Teagan often has up to three appointments a week and then school on top of that so my back and neck were getting very sore. I am forever grateful to all the people who helped raise the money for this van it has made life so much easier on our Family.


God Bless All of You,


Barb (Teagan's mom)

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