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Meet Todd

Todd has a diagnosis of severe Spastic Quadriparetic Cerebral Palsy which is a chronic condition. It is a disorder of posture and movement cause by damage to the developing brain, usually before, during or shortly after birth. Todd’s condition severely impacts his mobility, fine motor movements and speech. He is unable to propel a manual wheelchair and requires a power wheelchair on a long term basis as it will be his only method of independent mobility during his lifetime.


A stand up power wheelchair increased Todd’s independence as he could reach items on his own, was able to adjust to varying table heights and he could learn and play at the same level as others at school. It also allowed Todd to interact with his peers more easily, make presentations at school and reach the blackboard.


His mother says, “It gave him freedom of movement and such confidence that he beamed from inside out. Watch me he said as he reached for a pencil off the counter, Watch me as he hung up his book bag – simple daily activities that Todd was never able to do before.”


Being able to stand-up during the Canadian anthem and cheer on his favourite hockey team, the Edmonton Oilers, is an all time dream!


Cost Almost $14,000

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